Orange Gradient

by Photography

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released January 4, 2016

Written, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Ron's Wrecker Service



all rights reserved


Playing Records Boston, Massachusetts

If It's Playing, You're Smiling.

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Track Name: Am I Bored?
Am I bored with myself?
Or am I bored with everything else?
No real way to tell I suppose
I'm the observer of all that I know
Am I bored with myself?
Or am I bored with everything else?
The evidence is tainted by my point of view
Or perhaps it's the whole world itself that's askew
Track Name: Swallowed Smoke
Book is bending over halfway up the shelf
One side bending down, one side bending down
If it was a happy story it is half sad now
Imagine in your mind a diabetic clown
Who fell asleep forever after he laid down
The key to success is organizization
And we have everything you need
Rubber bins and separators come aparts and put togethers
Napkins towels and fresh sheets
Don't ever go to sleep
Don't ever go to seep

We have everything need, everything you need
Don't ever go to sleep, don't ever go to sleep

I swallowed smoke
I swallowed smoke
Went into liquid, then down my throat
Track Name: RAdio Detection And Ranging
I am the spaceman's fever dream
Tumbling out through infinity
I am all that he thought he had buried
Dug up and thrown in his face
All that he has, everything now
No hope of return, no chance for escape
It's better this way

Some voices sound like hand grenades
Split apart shatter and break
Reflections in the glass around his face
It was never very real and sometimes even fake

Everything ever done was a mistake
Track Name: Last Picture on The Roll
A spectrum flower fox grew out of us
A fog along the road transmitted everything we know
Into a rainbow
The wood grain melted everywhere
But in a loop and reappeared
The dried up wax began to slide
A metaphor for my insides

Lemongrass scent all over
My reply was as shocked as I
A table at the edge of nowhere
I am always in nowhere said the sky

I saw tiger stripes in a table hide
A tree that grew, pulsated, had things inside
I cannot write and yet I can
Sometimes I do not understand

Last picture on the roll
Forever turning slow

Greetings friends, let us begin
They say it's all been done before
So do it all again
If you don't like the sound just change the dial
But if it feels all right then stay here for a while

Last picture on the roll
Forever turning slow