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released December 12, 2016

Colonel Creep
Cobra Nova II
Bradley Buttons DMD
Uncle Lumpy
Tyrone Simpson
Le Crunch

Cover art by: Oje

Written, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Ron's Wrecker Service



all rights reserved


Playing Records Boston, Massachusetts

If It's Playing, You're Smiling.

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Track Name: Why Am I Sideways?
Twenty one million reasons not to care
Aggravated insects marching blindly to their end
Just cover your face and it will all disappear
Or at least if it doesn't you can always pretend

Why am I sideways?
Track Name: (Minds) Yours and Mine
Corrugated tissue near the top of his head
Fills up with fluid when he misses his meds
Plug in the spout, turn the valve let it out
He keeps it in a jar by the side of his bed

What is going on in your mind?
What is going on inside mine?

Has to drink it back in
Now and again
Not very fun, much better, all done
Corrugated tissue near the top of his head
Fills up with fluid when he misses his meds

What is going on in your mind?
What is going on inside mine?
Track Name: Bottom, Middle, Top
Up from the bottom to the middle then stop
Take a little breather 'fore we head to the top
Track Name: Waste of Time
Tick, tock, tick, tock

What a waste of time
Track Name: Julie July
Her name is Julie July
And she's the kind of girl I like
Track Name: Greenville Anderson
Greenville Anderson was a very sharp man
Every trip he made was meticulously planned
Call ahead he said, to make sure that someone's there
They close early on Sunday and they charge you for the air
It may be worth a small fee for peace of mind
But be sure to confirm the confirmation time

A cabinet of curiosities, a selection of broken dreams
Half eaten boxes in the back of the pantry
Stale crackers and a dusty can of refried beans
Sometimes when it's empty these things can be seen
Forever unremembered are we
Track Name: Psychedelic Spyder
Psychedelic spyder

Eight legs are no help at all
He can't walk, he can't crawl
Spends all day just stuck to the wall

He's so high he can't move
He's got nothing to lose
He's got three pairs of sneakers and some cowboy boots
Track Name: Pistol-Toenail Greatfish
My pistol-toenail greatfish doesn't look so good
I don't think he should be red and his skin looks just like wood
Wrap-around sunshine hologram paper
They recommended at the store
A teenager-alien bright blue vest
He'd never seen my fish before
I poked him in his one good eye and ran off out the back
A scream-machine in jibberish said some things that made me laugh
I put the fish in plastic water, plastic water sack
Let redfish dead in plastic water funeral plans be made
In a large green field with one small tree that scatters purple shade
When it's over, we have eaten, go home, pour yourself a drink
My pistol-toenail greatfish doesn't look so good, I think
Track Name: Prize Inzide!
Dolphin alligator swan
Stainless steel fake leather reptile wand
You at one end and I at the other
Grasping firmly at the handles foam rubber
Swing around in circles with me lover

Or be the hypotenuse to my right angled sides
The fastest way to nowhere is a straight line

I want a ceramic helmet hat doormug coffee mat electronic device
Wheat oil chemical meat flavored rice
Cooked under pastel energy lights
With a prize inside we can choke on and die
Marshmallow sandwiches and chicken pot pie
Stand around long enough and you're bound to get a ride
Only problem is you don't know when to arrive
Too late? Too soon?
We wouldn't want their pigeon leg dinner to be ruined
But there are other rooms
We could stay in one while we collect our thoughts and groom
Looking quite attractive we'll walk in and save the day
Our host will say "You're Welcome" and we'll all be on our way
Enjoy! Enjoy! Please eat, please eat, our wonderful pigeon leg
With bellies full and conversation ended, nap away
On a settee made of driftwood and a bellcaster's clay
This room is fine, I think, I'm sure, but we should rearrange
To better suit the mood and let the dog enjoy his plate
Hamburgers and hotdogs stacked ten miles high
With a prize inside he can choke on and die

We have won, at least, and that's the meaning
Of a meaningless life.