See Through Machine

by Sporecaster

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While journeying along The Path, two psychonautic researchers delved deep into the desert waste of Mordor. Equipped with only rudimentary sonic resonators crafted of wood and metal, they performed the sacred ritual which all living creatures of love in the universe must heed. The blinding sands shifted to reveal – a great Machine – I see it now!...ancient and terrible. The lens of the great Machine revealed Vision to the travelers, and they removed the dark glasses which shielded their eyes from the blinding nothingness of the Abyss. Through the lens of the Machine they could see in the distance of the desert a towering fungal beast, swaying to and fro, releasing purple clouds of tiny particles. These granules, spaceships occupied by beings of a higher Intelligence, entered through the lungs and established themselves in the blood and nervous system of the travelers, causing permanent alterations in DNA, and granted the travelers true Sight, and the perception of Colours and Sound. Through rhythm and movement, and without words, the dancing beast telepathically bade the voyagers, and they understood. Its plea was for them to go forth, return to the world of men and bring with them their visions of beauty and horror, to relay to those who had not Seen through the Machine.


released January 21, 2015

Written, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Ron's Wrecker Service

Cover art by Samantha Allen



all rights reserved


Playing Records Boston, Massachusetts

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